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How our Journey Began...

Pelagion was founded in 2019 by Jamie Schlinkmann. He was inspired to electrify his favorite childhood pastime, a 1973 Kawasaki stand-up jet ski serial number KAWOO2130373.

This challenge sparked a decade of research and development from the group that helped automate industries like mobile phones, disk drives, and medical rapid diagnostic kits with patented assembly machinery.  The team has leveraged the efficient power of hydrofoils and paved the way for the first stand-up electric hydrofoil with steering capabilities, the HydroBlade™. Hydrofoiling significantly reduces the energy required to operate a watercraft enabling the electrification of a stand-up jet ski experience without compromising performance and eliminating harmful emissions. 

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At this time we are not looking for investments. Our project is being fully funded by the parent company, Automatic Manufacturing Systems Inc., a Florida Corporation.

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