Our Company

The HydroBlade™ is an advancement to eFoil technology that allows riders to experience the best personal e-mobility experience on the water with higher performance, improved safety, and easier maneuvering to elevate the user experience

This company is a subsidiary of their parent company Automatic Manufacturing Systems that is known for creating bespoke manufacturing solutions across many industries, including automotive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make foiling more accessible to water sports enthusiasts of broader skill levels. Anyone who's ridden an efoil board, and gotten over the learning curve of just getting up, can attest to the amount of attention required to stay foiling, especially when wave conditions aren't ideal. The HydroBlade™ makes this exponentially easier through its powerful proprietary dual-mast motor assembly to improve the rider experience through higher performance, improved safety, and easier maneuvering.

Pelagion HydroBlade Leaders

Jamie Schlinkmann

CEO & Lead Engineer

Jamie Schlinkmann is the CEO and Lead Engineer for the HydroBlade Team. He is an avid water sports enthusiast, and his desire is to make electric foiling more accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Hamid Shahrestani

General Manager

Hamid Shahrestani is Operations Manager for the Hydroblade Team. With his advanced leadership, Hamid is helping to make the dream of hydrofoiling a reality for many people around the world.

Mike Terry

Global Sales Manager

Mike Terry is the Global Sales Manager for the Hydroblade Team. He has a wealth of coaching experience, which has helped team members reach their highest potential in excellence.

Dominique Oliver

Marketing Manager

Dominique is the Marketing Manager for the HydroBlade Project and is a fearless contributor of ideas and initiatives to the team with an ability that makes her think outside-the box.