Pelagion | (pe· la · gion \ pə-ˈlā-jən \): (Noun): 1. A particle with a net electrical charge suitable for open-ocean adventure.


The HydroBlade

At Pelagion we have developed the HydroBlade as an easy-to-master electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft that greatly enhances maneuverability, speed, and range; elevating the rider’s experience on the water.

*Refundable Deposits starting at $100.

The HydroBlade represents a radical advancement of watersporting experiences. With its unique steering capabilities and powerful all-electric dual motors, the HydroBlade gives owners a feeling of unparalleled control and unbridled adrenaline.

Key Features

Responsive steering capabilities allows you to have more control over your experience on the water.

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The Dual Motor Assembly delivers more than enough power to excite even the most experienced watersport athletes
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Advanced and Robust Battery Technology developed to deliver unmatched power, performance, and capacity to keep riders out on the water longer.
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The HydroBlade is designed for easy storage and transportation with its collapsible mast and retractable canard.

Intuitive Steering for Confident Control

The HydroBlade eFoil pushes the boundaries in watersports technology to include a broader skill range of water sports enthusiasts. Its advanced steering capabilities give you a feeling similar to riding a two-wheeler, giving you precise controllability and confidence on the water.

Powerful Dual Motors for
Unrivaled Excitement

You will experience new levels of speed and performance that will leave you feeling alive and exhilarated. The whisper-silent dual-motors deliver twice the power providing you with unmatched adrenaline on the water.

Advanced Battery Technology Beyond Industry Standards

The HydroBlade battery advances technology in three key areas; Safety, Efficiency, and Value. Our Battery Modules are designed to monitor the health and safety of every individual cell, something no other battery on the market can do.  Increased efficiency is important when you want to maximize fun on the water while eliminating the challenges of electric propulsion. Additionally, Our batteries are designed for robotic assembly which improves the quality and value of the battery modules so you can feel confident in their performance.

Easier Portability For Adventuring Anyplace

Owning a watercraft should be simple to enjoy anywhere you want to be. The HydroBlade’s dual mast can collapse to make transporting your watercraft to and from the shoreline quick & simple. No complicated or time-consuming trailer setup is required.

The Founders' Series

Founders’ Series early production slots are very limited and promise to provide you with epic adventures along with exclusive benefits within the community. Your model will come with unique finishes and upgrades that are sure to stand out. Reserve yours soon.

*Refundable Deposits starting at $100.

Customizable Experience
via the HydroBlade App

Tailor your experience using the HydroBlade App to control speeds, power output, and more. You will also find information such as range, speed, efficiency, and performance settings. Share your adventures directly from your mobile device to your friends online.

Your Path to HydroBlade Ownership

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*Refundable Deposits starting at $100.

The Ultimate eMobility
for Every Adventurer

The HydroBlade is designed to be more inclusive for family and friends, young and older, to enjoy time spent together creating those perfect moments. With its stable platform, ease of use, and advanced steering, the HydroBlade is perfect for those new to the world of eFoils, or those who are looking for their next epic adventure.

Join the eRevolution and elevate your water sporting experience by investing in HydroBlade ownership.

*Refundable Deposits starting at $100.

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