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Pelagion turns up the intensity on an iconic tribute to the original Kawasaki stand-up jet ski experience by introducing the HydroBlade electric hydrofoil model, the latest innovation to the ePWC market. The HydroBlade is a new electric hydrofoil design with dual motors and steering capabilities that combine high performance, versatility, and confident handling – elevating the experience on the waters. We honor the writers and journalists who have helped spread the HydroBlade story and are happy to provide additional information and resources regarding our products.

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Pelagion™ Brand Guidelines

The company name is Pelagion™ | (pe· la · gion \ pə-ˈlā-jən \) Definition (Noun): 1. A particle with a net electrical charge that is suitable for open-ocean adventure. From the roots “pelagic”(relating to the open sea) and “ion”(atom or molecule with electrical charge due to loss or gain of electrons).

Pelagion is spelled in the title case or with a lowercase ‘p’ if written as part of the domain, such as

The HydroBlade is spelled together as one word with a capital H and capital B. The product name can be shown with a lowercase h or b if written as part of the domain, such as

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Hydrofoil board also known as efoil manufacturing facility creating a foil that uses electric propulsion for the foil

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