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All-New Pelagion HydroBlade eFoil

A new electric hydrofoil designed for elevated adventures is set to make waves Meet the HydroBlade Are You Ready to Ride? Superb design, quality build, ease of use, and swappable batteries: The HydroBlade will be the fastest, most powerful electric personal watercraft on the watersport market. Well-known companies are still halfhearted

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hover water board efoil board model with dual motor foils for flying over the water

Coming Soon – New Pelagion HydroBlade eFoil

HydroBlade | A New Take on eFoils The HydroBlade is an entirely new concept that reimagines the eFoil experience. It is engineered to be agile, responsive, intuitive, and powerful. The design advances rider maneuverability, enabling anyone to quickly and confidently ride. The HydroBlade offers riders 16kW of electric propulsion and

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