Experience Unmatched Control and Performance with Pelagion's Latest HydroBlade Prototype

Pelagion is proud to unveil its second HydroBlade prototype. Designed to push the boundaries of water sports, the HydroBlade harnesses cutting-edge hydrofoil technology to elevate riders above the water's surface, unlocking unprecedented speed and control.


Riding on the success of its predecessor, the most recent HydroBlade prototype boasts enhancements that promise an exhilarating experience like never before. Equipped with dual batteries and motors, this watercraft ensures prolonged rides with maximum power. But it's the finer details that truly set the HydroBlade apart.

Distinctive handlebars and a steerable canard redefine rider control, offering precision and intuitiveness previously unseen in eFoils. With these innovative control features, riders can navigate the water with confidence, carving through waves and executing maneuvers with ease.

Jamie Schlinkmann, Founder and lead engineer of Pelagion, expresses enthusiasm for the latest prototype: "We're thrilled to unveil the advancements in the HydroBlade. Each iteration brings us closer to our vision of redefining water sports. Our commitment to prioritizing rider control and performance is evident in every aspect of this prototype."


Pelagion's dedication to excellence doesn't end with the prototype launch. Rigorous testing and refinement will ensure that the HydroBlade meets the highest standards of safety and enjoyment. With each test, Pelagion edges closer to delivering the ultimate personal watercraft experience.

As Pelagion continues to push the boundaries of innovation, riders can anticipate an evolution in water sports unlike anything seen before. Stay tuned as Pelagion sets sail into a future where control and performance reign supreme. 


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