Coming Soon – New Pelagion HydroBlade eFoil

HydroBlade | A New Take on eFoils

The HydroBlade is an entirely new concept that reimagines the eFoil experience. It is engineered to be agile, responsive, intuitive, and powerful. The design advances rider maneuverability, enabling anyone to quickly and confidently ride.

The HydroBlade offers riders 16kW of electric propulsion and uses foiling technology that provides users a smooth and quiet eMobility experience with the rider in control of everything but the adrenaline rush.  

Founder & Lead Engineer Jamie Schlinkmann shares: “We set out to develop the most fun, fastest, and best personal eMobility experience. Our proprietary arrangement improves the user experience through higher performance, improved safety, and easier maneuvering of the HydroBlade near shore and on land—such as to and from a vehicle.” 

The HydroBlade is designed and built in America by experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals. Its unique build is impressive and expresses the sporty and adventurous traits of its intended owner.   

The first release of the new HydroBlades will be branded as the “Founder’s Club Series” and will come with exclusive finishes and select upgrades to further enhance the experience. Members will have opportunities to attend exclusive lifestyle events in fantastic destinations worldwide and socialize with other HydroBlade enthusiasts. 

About Pelagion

Pelagion | (pe· la · gion \ pə-ˈlā-jən \): (Noun): 1. A particle with a net electrical charge suitable for open-ocean adventure. From roots “pelagic” (relating to the open sea) and “ion”(atom or molecule with electrical charge due to loss or gain of electrons). 

Pelagion™ is a company dedicated to electrification of vessels and marine systems. Pelagion is a subsidiary of our parent company Automatic Manufacturing Systems, Inc., known for manufacturing automation solutions across many industries, including automotive. Our engineers have expertise ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, battery design, and various other disciplines.