All-New Pelagion HydroBlade eFoil

A new electric hydrofoil designed for elevated adventures is set to make waves

Meet the HydroBlade

Are You Ready to Ride?

Superb design, quality build, ease of use, and swappable batteries: The HydroBlade will be the fastest, most powerful electric personal watercraft on the watersport market.

Well-known companies are still halfhearted and vague in their efforts to move into electric hydrofoil waters, but while other startups with bold promises can be found all over the place, you still won’t see anybody offering anything remotely like the Pelagion HydroBlade.

The current eFoils on the market are generally divided into two categories: eye-wateringly similar in design and performance, or low-cost and cheerfully manufactured with the emotional appeal of a boogie board.
hover water board efoil board model with dual motor foils for flying over the water

But this is where Pelagion steps in with its first offering, the HydroBlade: A new electric hydrofoil designed for ‘elevated’ rider adventures. Hydroblading is a cutting-edge watersport experience that combines the best of stand-up jet skiing, efoiling, dirt biking, and surfing. Pelagion itself is based at the heart of South Florida’s boating industry in Broward County, FL, and is a subsidiary of a global manufacturing company building machines for over 25 years.

The team designs, manufactures, and assembles the HydroBlade within the confines of its 75,000 sq. ft facility rather than outsourcing it to factories abroad.

High-Speed Game-Changing Dual Motor Design 

Silent electric motor for an incredibly smooth immersive ride
hover water board foil to foil and surf on the water waves using a hydrofoil board
electric hydrofoil surfboard boat for flying rodeo on the water waves
it's like a flying rodeo on the water surf to lift you above the air

The HydroBlade is undeniably impressive in appearance. It boasts an attractive bold silhouette with a dual motor propulsion system powered by a combined 11kWh dual battery module. The 8kW dual brushless electric motors will reach speeds of up to 43 mph (70km/h).  

An electric surfboard will last about 30 minutes and most efoil boards will last just over an hour, the HydroBlade with its silent electric motor package delivers an estimated range of 4 hours at moderate speeds. 

Everything is finished to an impressively high standard, befitting the type of quality one would expect from a made-in-the-USA product. This integration of form and function is one of the things that makes the Hydroblade so unique. The battery modules are actually stressed structural members integrated into the body to make them seamlessly featured in the design.

The main controller board and electronics are housed in anodized aluminum control boxes that blend to become part of the design aesthetic. Stylish and functional, the aluminum handlebar assembly completes the modernized unique appeal of the Hydroblade making it strikingly distinct from any other efoil experience.

All of this gives the Hydroblade a clean and modern look while still providing corrosion protection that the most demanding aquatic environments require. The result is a sleek and stylish electric personal watercraft that is sure to turn heads on every ride.

Your Quest for Superior Performance Begins with Quality Engineering 

HydroBlade eFoil sets the new industry standard with advanced engineering, performance, and quality.

Good design means every aspect and component takes all of the system constraints into consideration. A high-performance vehicle like HydroBlade has a lot of requirements to consider: strength, weight, power, corrosion resistance, reduced drag, material compatibility, manufacturability, durability, etc.

Meeting the goal of speed and ride characteristics is only part of the job. For instance: most people would consider carbon fiber for the body to be the highest performance choice. Carbon Fiber is a strong material, but it is poor in durability and impact resistance.

An ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) skin offers much higher overall durability and lifespan. The challenge then is to incorporate the ABS skin and still achieve the performance as if carbon fiber were used. Many such engineering challenges were involved in bringing HydroBlade to life.

With its unique steering capabilities and powerful electric dual motor assembly, the HydroBlade gives owners a feeling of unparalleled control, speed, and the unbridled adrenaline pump we all yearn for.

Market leaders in lithium ion marine battery with great battery life for enhanced ride time and power

The HydroBlade battery advances technology in three key areas; Safety, Efficiency, and Value. Designed to monitor the health and safety of every individual cell, they are superior to any other lithium-ion vehicle battery on the market. Increased efficiency is essential when you want to maximize every ride on the water. 

Our batteries are designed for robotic assembly which improves the quality and value of the battery modules so you can feel confident in their performance. These battery modules are considered the heart of HydroBlade, providing an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio.

Remote Exploration is More Electrifying than Ever!

Thoughtful Design
The HydroBlade’s battery capacity is approximately 10X that of a traditional efoil board. The handlebars, steerable canard, and high aspect foil setup all combine to reduce the stress of maintaining balance on a normal board. The risk of injury when grounding a typical efoil board is reduced on the HydroBlade by it’s folding mast assembly. No other board or PWC has the redundancy offered by two independent batteries, drives, and motors.

For adventurous riders, the removable batteries also mean the HydroBlade can be brought to exotic remote locations without needing access to an electricity supply. Pelagion understands that every hour is precious and has done everything to ensure the fun never stops. 

But even if you never ride beyond your local lake, the HydroBlade is the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, “blading” will take your watersports experience to the next level.

Fast and Maneuverable
The HydroBlade gives you a totally new electric motor-driven way to fly and experience the waterways. Whether you are riding at top speed for an adrenaline rush or to feel the relaxation of the wind in your hair, the HydroBlade is sure to deliver an unrivaled efoil experience. 

Beautifully Simple eFoil experience
The HydroBlade will be the simplest hydrofoil technology experience on the market. With intuitive steering added to the design, the learning process is expedited. Riders of any skill level will feel confident and in control while enjoying the impressive electric power-assisted flight above the water’s surface. 

It is also an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered personal watercraft, as it uses no fossil fuels and produces no emissions. The HydroBlade is sure to revolutionize the world of watersports, and we can’t wait to see what riders will do to the waves with it! 

Zip around on your HydroBlade in no time!
For first-time riders, it is best to start on your knees while holding the attached handlebars.  Unlike other boards, the flight is stable and controlled, reducing the need to precisely position your body weight or stance. Riders just lift above the water’s surface and let the eFoil propulsion system silently elevate them anywhere they want to go.

Simply said, it is easy to master…

Bring your Own Phone Along for the Ride 

The Pelagion app is a great way to get information about your speed, range, and which ride mode is selected. The app will also report on the battery charge, provide power output, and ride history. All of these things are blended into an app that allows the rider to use their own phone to provide the interface instead of a dedicated onboard screen. With its comprehensive set of features, the app will be a must-have for anyone who wants to take their riding to the next level.

Selectable Ride Modes  
Whether you’re looking to go wave shredding or for an extended and relaxing cruise through nature, Pelagion has you covered.  Pelagion’s engineers have programmed the Hydroblade’s throttle response to be customized to the rider’s skill level. New riders or children don’t need to worry while blading. Eco Mode ensures a smooth and stable speed that maximizes battery life. This makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy the thrill of HydroBlading at a moderate speed. If you’re looking for a relaxing ride that maximizes battery life and ride time, Eco Mode is a perfect choice.

If you’re an experienced rider, Sport Mode will give you access to a flight with faster speeds and power from start to finish. Are you ready to get your wings?

Lightweight and Easier to Maneuver

The company knows its customers aren’t ALL likely to be seasoned riders, and the HydroBlade is designed to make sure that each new owner can ride the waterways with confidence. The light 104kg modular design incorporates a Canard with integrated steering on a 60cm platform making stable maneuvering a breeze. The result is a market-changing responsive and agile craft that makes riding at all speeds easier. Tight turns and challenging wave conditions will be a welcome thrill for riders of all skill levels.

Easy Transportation

All the Thrill of Powered Watersports …Without the Drag of Trailering
Transporting your Hydroblade to your aquatic adventure will be a breeze with a custom blade-ready rack that will fit a standard trailer hitch. The rack is cleverly designed to speed up the unloading process and get you to your ride in a snap.

Power Through the Path Unknown 

Hydrofoil Anywhere and at Anytime  
Given the HydroBlade’s simple-yet-edgy appearance, quality materials, American-made appeal, and refined finishes, the market will welcome its competitively priced starting point of $19,000. Price will vary based on the options selected.

Order to Own Your Elevated Efoil Experience 

Seeking New Riders  
Pelagion will accept pre-orders by invitation only directly through its website. There is currently a waiting list of interested owners and invitations for pre-orders will be periodically given to selected individuals from that list. Deliveries are expected to make it to market beginning of summer 2023. If you want to get your name on HydroBlade’s pre-order waiting list or find out more information about the product, Click Here to register your interest, or to learn more about the HydroBlade, visit the Pelagion website.

What the Pelagion Team is Saying

Details Make the Difference.

“Our team has put a lot of thought and energy into every component of the HydroBlade. We’re confident that it offers an aquatic sport experience like no other.”
– Hamid Shahrestani, General Manager 

Engineered Fun.

“The HydroBlade ePWC is a great way to spend hours with your friends. Whether you’re new to watersports or a seasoned pro, everyone will have a blast shredding the waves on the HydroBlade.”
– Mike Terry, Global Sales Manager

The Game Has Changed

“The HydroBlade is the culmination of years of engineering and design effort. We’re excited to offer an electric watercraft that raises the bar for sport enthusiasts everywhere in the world.”
– Jamie Schlinkmann, Founder & CEO

The Hour is Upon Us

“Traditional surfing, riding a jet ski and a wakeboard, and now hydroblading. The HydroBlade is the perfect mix of every sport that I love. I can’t wait for people to fly it out on the water and discover how much more fun than simple boards it is!”
– Tony, Mechanical Engineer 

American Made Quality 

“Located near the water sports mecca of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, If you look all around our world-class 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility, you’ll see that we are in the business of making beautiful machines that are built to last…”
– Dominique, Marketing Director

Hydrofoil board also known as efoil manufacturing facility creating a foil that uses electric propulsion for the foil

Pelagion located in South Florida, USA